Guaranteed Rental

Welcome to County Private Client Ltd. We are one of the fastest growing firms to offer property rentals in London, Milton Keynes & Northampton.

By committing to rent a property long-term, County Private Client Ltd provides residential investors, particularly buy-to-let investors with guaranteed lettings, thereby assuring a steady return on their investment and leaving them free to focus on expanding their portfolio.

Once an agreement is reached you will receive the agreed rental payment regularly each month without fail

The cost of using a typical letting agent is usually around 10% of the gross rent plus letting fees, management fees and renewal fees. With County Private Client Ltd you do not pay these.

You will not incur any void periods once you have signed a deal with us. County Private Client Ltd also organise and manage the eviction process, if necessary, at no cost to you.

Once an agreement is reached, you can relax, knowing that you will get your agreed rent every month and any hassle of property management will be dealt by County Private Client.

How it works:

  • You discuss your needs with us
  • We conduct a desk top valuation
  • We make an offer based on that analysis
  • You sign an agreement
  • You receive the first monthly payment into your nominated account


We will be more than happy to work with you and develop a tailored solution for you, one that fits perfectly to your requirement

Please get in contact today to discuss your requirements.